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Coding eBooks it's an application for all coders from beginner to professional,
September 8, 2020
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Coding eBooks it’s an application for all coders from beginner to professional,
it contains more than 150 free programming book for different levels whether you are newbie or advanced you will find something that will help to start learning coding step by step or to increase your knowledge.
with simple design you can choose your best programming language to learn includes:
* C programming
* C++ programming
* C# programming
* Java programming .
* JavaScript programming .
* Python programming .
* Web Development includes front-end and back-end.
* Swift programming .
* Ruby programming .
*Mobile Development : Android and iOS .
*Arduino and Raspberry Pi programming.
*Algorithm and Data Structure
*Matlab programming.
*Databases : includes SQL and NoSQL database .
*Rust programming .
*Kotlin programming.
*Artificial intelligence.
*R programing language .
*Haskell programming.
*and much More.
Coding eBooks is not just eBooks app it’s a guide for anyone wants to learn programming just choose your path and you will find everything you need in this application, you need to pick your ebook and download it directly and browse it inside the app without the need to any other pdf viewer, then you can browse it whether online or offline .
Coding eBooks give you an overview for every programming language you find inside the application. maybe you will find some new programming languages or technologies inside the app , Coding eBooks make it clear to you before you download any ebook you can read about in the description section.
if you find your needs in this application and you do like it please take your time to rate us ,else we appreciate your feedback to improve this work to satisfy your needs .

enjoy it .

What's new

*new UI
*new categories
*fix download problem on andoroid version 10.
* updated quotes
*read progress %%
*Read the books on dark mode.
*browse books in downloads section inside the app.
* browse books online without download.
* browse app and downloaded books offline.


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