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Free Books Application offers houndreds of top classic books and audio books to read and listen.
Free Books Studio
April 26, 2019
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Free Books Application offers houndreds of top classic books and audio books to read and listen.

Everybody will find something interesting in large free audiobooks and books catalogue. No matter where you are you will allways have great book with you for FREE.


Free Audiobooks
If you can’t or don’t like books try listen free audioboks! Find some in large catalogue of free audiobooks to listen and download. With audiobooks you can listen your favourites books no matter what the situation is!

Free Books
Houndred of free top classic ebooks to read, lot of great generies and most famous authors in one app! Every book is for free!

All free Books and audiobooks in app are categorized by generes to easily discover new books. Do you to read or listen book from specific author, or you have your own favourites books to read? No problem, search on largest books and audio books database and find something for you!

Built-in Ebook Reader
For best reading experience we created build-in ebook Reader with a lot of features like changing book font size, make higlights and more.

NOTE: Every ebook & audiobook in Free Book App have PUBLIC DOMAIN access.

What's new

Version 2.3
- fixed ebook reader most common problems
Version 2.0
- audiobooks parts list bug fix

Version 1.9
- audiobooks bug fix

Version 1.8
- more free audiobooks

Version 1.7
- small bug fix

Version 1.6
- Upgraded free books search algorithm

Version 1.5
- more free books added
- bug fixes

Version 1.4
- Suggesting similar free Books & Audiobooks
- small bug fixes

Version 1.2
- Added big collections of Free Audiobooks
- Now you can listen Free Audiobooks
- bugs fixes


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