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Join the largest free book search engine and download Books
August 27, 2020
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Join the largest free book search engine and download Books
More than 10 million of books, free books and download from the encyclopedia in a seamless and very fast manner.

We collecting all the free search-engines that provide direct download of sources with support for changing the name of the book through the database within the application

Saving time and trouble searching – the application works at your convenience-one of the most important features of the unique application that gives it a wide preference for the most important existing applications in the store is an important application for students, researchers and scholars throughout the world in all scientific and literary fields.

The application does not stop searching for everything related to keyword you looking for, all of the resources you need are within one application to explore free books with a free tool, seamless use of search and download

Areas of application: realism – Fiction
Sci-fi, drama, adventure, thriller, Romance, mystery, horror, health, travel, children’s books, guide, book Religious and spiritual, scientific books, history, mathematics, poetry, Encyclopaedia, Dictionary, short stories, art, books Cooking, memos, the book can belong to more than one type or even two types of previous species, it may be a mixture of excitement, horror, adventure, or a mixture of drama, romance, and other examples.

The application is available to all MENA Countries from the ocean to the Gulf, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Palestine, Ethiopia, Algeria, and Libya

What's new

- Fix network connection Error
- Some enhancements


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