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May 28, 2020
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Guardian Circle

Friends & Family 9-1-1

Guardian Circle is a ‘Friends & Family 9-1-1’ network that pays you for contributing to everyone’s safety.

Your network is usually closest, can help you fastest, and they care even about the little things.

You start by connecting with neighbors, family and friends in a private network. It’s like setting up your own 9-1-1 but for all kinds of emergencies. Even the little ones. You and your network ensure that you’re safe in all kinds of situations.

Whenever you are injured, scared, or you need some help, push the ALERT button.

Your friends, family, and neighbors are ALL instantly assembled into a ‘situation room’ with a location-sharing map (showing where you are) and group chat so they can determine who can help, and how.

“Is it serious enough to call 9-1-1?” Don’t debate: simply use Guardian Circle anytime you’re not comfortable.

You earn GUARD coins for helping to keep everyone safe. You get paid for referrals, answering alerts and your continued availability in the safety network. GUARD is worth pennies today, just like Bitcoin was in 2009: now is a great time to collect it.

Guardian Circle creates a ‘flash mob of help’ by alerting everybody at the same time using advanced technology and a live map of everyone’s location.

Your friends, family and neighbors can now communicate. Everybody knows where everybody else is. They can get to work on helping you fast.

Life-saving information only your network knows can now flow quickly: where the key is hidden, who knows the dog, can someone pick up your child, their allergies, etc.

In mass-emergencies like earthquakes, fires, pandemics, hurricanes, etc. 9-1-1 is frequently slow or unavailable — but your Guardian Circle network can still help.

Can’t text or talk? Your network is still alerted and can start mobilizing.

Accidentally hit the Alert button? Or just want to try it out? No worries – there’s no penalty. In fact, we encourage people to practice with Guardian Circle and run drills.

Need to be subtle about a frightening stranger nearby? Guardian Circle lets you chat using only text to your network.

On the go? We update your location even if you’re in a car or walking.

Use Guardian Circle for:

Mass Emergencies * Women’s Safety * Rural Areas * Neighborhood Watch * Elder Care * Child Protection * Hurricanes * Earthquakes * Fires * Floods * Slow Public Services * Extra Protection * Unsafe Cities * Campuses

Be Prepared. 100% Free. Download now.


– Supports multiple simultaneous Alerts (useful in mass-emergencies)

– Full GUARD Rewards wallet in-app

– Control who can see your Alerts

– Control who can send you Alerts

– Alert History: Review any Alert Transcript

– Supports private and public Alerts. Your location is ONLY shared for Alerts (otherwise it is 100% private).

What's new

Updates to map API integration.



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