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This hypnosis app does exactly what it says... It helps you to relax!
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September 22, 2018
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This hypnosis app does exactly what it says… It helps you to relax!

Do you suffer from sleep problems and insomnia? Do you find it hard to switch off? Do you worry constantly? Do you spend time lying in bed at night wide awake with a million thoughts going round? Are you stressed?

This hypnosis recording has been the most requested over the past few years as we simply find it hard to relax and switch off. Even when we go on holiday, it often takes days to get to that point where we simply do just relax. In our fast paced world we have forgotten not only how to relax but also how important it is to do so!

Amanda has written this hypnosis session to take you on a guided journey of relaxation. It will help to relax your body so you are able to let go of tension and help to relax your mind so that you are able to simply switch off and truly relax.

Amanda has an incredibly soft and soothing voice, one that you will enjoy listening to as she guides you on a wonderful journey of relaxation.

This hypnosis app has been professionally recorded using state of the art digital recording technology. It includes background sound effects, hypnotic music composed specifically to induce deep relaxation and voice echoes to create a wonderfully relaxing deep trance.

This app is safe for everyone to use at any age. Simply listen for 30 minutes as often as you would like!

What's new

- Fixed issues with latest version of Android (Pie)
- Modified app to adhere with our new Privacy Policy


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