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Voice Coffee Fortune Telling
July 30, 2019
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Voice Coffee Fortune Telling

Drank your coffee, but is there nobody who will tell your fortune?
Do not worry! There is simple, easy and quick-use Coffee Fortune Telling Application
Our Voice Coffee Fortune Telling Application is now at your service! With long coffee Fortune Telling readings!
It is totally free! Voice Application!

Send your coffee images taken day and night (7/24),
Then your coffee will be interpreted by the real fortune-tellers special for you.

Our fortune-tellers interpret your coffee fortune telling in categories such as Love, Relationships, Friendship, Health, Work & Money, and Marriage.

Preparations before Fortune-Telling
1. Make a Turkish coffee, pour into a cup and drink with taste.
2. Make a wish. (Turn the coffee cup over your head 3 times counter clockwise, so make a wish at this time :))
3. Turn the coffee cup set upside down (flip it) with a quick movement.
4. Separate the cup from the saucer when it is cold.
5. It is enough to take and send three images of your coffee cup, the first two images from inside of cup, and the last image from the saucer. Your Coffee Fortune-Telling will appear within average 3-5 minutes in the “Coffee Fortune Telling” section.

You can share Coffee Fortune-Telling on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram through Share button on the fortune telling screen and send it to your friends.

★★★ Impressive Coffee Fortune Telling application ★★★


★ The cup images you sent are interpreted by the real fortune-tellers special for you.
★ You can listen to our Coffee Fortune-Telling readings vocally.
★ For your safety, we do not want any personal information such as First Name, Last Name and Birth Date.

History of Coffee Fortune Telling:
Coffee entered the Ottoman culture during the period of Yavuz Sultan Selim and became a favorite drink in a short time.
There was even an officer called chief coffee-cook (Kahvecibasi) at the palace. In 1615, Ottomans introduced coffee to Europe during Venetian merchants.
As for the origins of Coffee Fortune Telling, in fact, the purpose of the fortune telling was firstly to cite the gossips comfortably.
Female slaves (Cariyeler) were comfortably telling each other what they could not mention at the palace when they turned coffee cups. Then, these conversations turned into fortune telling.
This fortune telling type have lived for hundreds of years in Turkey and our culture.
The most important purpose of our coffee fortune telling application is to maintain our coffee culture.

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we made some improvements. Thanks all our users.


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