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Create awesome lip-sync music videos with variety of Glitch Effects & FX and your choice of music!
October 6, 2020
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Create awesome lip-sync music videos with variety of Glitch Effects & FX and your choice of music!

Glitch Video Effect app contains a wide range of tools and options to create limitless different combinations and variations of glitches.

Glitch video maker app contains Glitch Sounds Library, Halloween Sounds Library , Thunder Sounds Library, Wolf Sounds Library. Now you can add your custom music from your playlists.

Just 1 CLICK and you can create the most unique and beautiful glitch videos. It’s perfect for Glitche, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Vine videos.

No Watermark! You can add your own watermark.
★ Create lip-sync videos to your favorite songs and Glitch Fx Sound Libraries.
Add Glitch FX in particular duration of video
★ Add multiple Glitch Fx in single video
★ Add glitch sounds in particular duration of your video
★ No signup or account needed — download and start creating immediately
★ 30+ professional Glitch Effects for the digital glitches, 3D-transformations, color
distortions, crusty VHS looks and more
★ Add Video Filters to bring the best out of your art
★ Effect control during editing
★ Beautiful simple design
★ Endless inspiration and creativity
★Help you remember to vintage (retro) video with trippy effects like vhs camcoder.
★ Share videos directly to WhatsApp,Snapchat,Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat
and other social media networks.

Download now!

VideoFX Music Video Maker

Glitch art fx and trippy effects

Glitch Video Editor

Glitch Video Effect & Video Filters

Trippy Video Effect & Video Filters

Trippy Effect Editor

Glitch Effects

Glitch Video Maker

Video FX & Movie FX

Video effects and filters

Video Editor video filters

Glitch FX & Movie FX

Video effects FX filters

Video Vintage effects and filters

Vintage Camera Filters

VHS Camera Filters

We are always listening, email us for any support…

Feel free to contact us: [email protected]

We are continuously working on this app to make it more better and also working on new features for future versions.

Stay Tuned for next updates!

Note:- Glitch Video Editor requires a lot of CPU/GPU power. On some older devices with less memory you may get low-fps,slow and jerky videos.

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