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Exclusive first feature
October 6, 2020
5.0 and up
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Exclusive first feature
★ Cutout: Supports Cutout photo, GIF and video, instead of simple Green screen cutout, you can easily remove complex color background pictures and videos
★ 3D: One-click settings for 3D effects of pictures / videos / GIF / text and shapes
★ 3d Texture: customize the display effect of each side of the 3d layer
★ Mask: 25 shape masks by default. You can also use the pen tool to define the mask shape and the shape of the mask can be generated based on the edges of the transparent picture.
★ Mask animation: You can make keyframe animation of the path, Zoom, scale, rotation, position, and transparency of the mask
★ Shape: Supports key frame animations such as fill color, stroke color, path, trim path, dotted line, position, scale, rotation, transparency, etc.
★ Text: You can make key frame animations such as text range animation, color, gradient, stroke, character spacing, line spacing, etc.
★ Special effects: Support adjusting key frame parameters of special effects to make your own exclusive special effects
★ Adjustment layer: You can control multiple different layers at the same time to move, rotate, scale, copy and make key frame animations at the same time.

Powerful editing functions
★ Multi-layer track: unlimited number of layers, you can add multiple videos, pictures, text, stickers, shapes, color layers, adjustment layers, audio for editing
★ Picture-in-Picture: Multi-layer collage, overlay video, make the coolest blockbuster
★ Copy: Quickly and easily copy multiple layers and groups
★ Duration: You can precisely set the duration of the layer
★ Speed: fast and slow adjustment, accurate to 1 / 8x-8x
★ Reverse : Set the layer inversion upside down
★ Freeze frame: make a frame in the video still, freeze the frame for a period of time before continuing to play
★ Repeat: Can make funny variety show videos
★ Snapshot: You can extract a specified frame of picture from the video for production or save to a local album
★ Trim: Trim the length of the layer
★ Split: split layer into 2 or more layers
★ Crop: crop video and picture and GIF size
★ Mask: Easily make text and video masks
★Remove edges: Remove the semi-transparent part of the edge of the picture, so that the generated picture has no large white edges
★ Fusion Mode: Multiple color mixing modes-color deepening, multiplying, screen, soft light, strong light, etc. to create double exposure artistic effect
★ Position: precisely set the starting position of the layer on the timeline
★ Flip: Set the layer to flip vertically and flip horizontally
★ Audio Separation: Freely extract the music in the video, don’t worry about no soundtrack!
★ Undo / Redo: Unlimited Undo / Redo, any misoperation can be undone with one click
★ Local Fonts: Support importing local fonts, making it more free
★ Aspect Ratio & Resolution: You can customize any size video
★ Build format: can generate video and GIF
★ HD: Export HD videos for free
★ No Watermark: Free to generate, no watermark
New features are coming
Video card point: Make music drum beat videos
3D models: Add various 3D models to easily make various 3D animations
Transitions: Add various fun and cool transitions
Subtitle recognition: One-click recognition and generation of subtitles based on artificial intelligence
Path animation: objects can move along any path you set

VideoAE is a professional Android mobile video editing software with powerful editing functions. With VideoAE you can make all the video effects you want
If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at [email protected], thank you for your support!

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